Shadybrook is a boutique recording, production and mixing studio located on the edge of Kamloops BC, offering a unique musical experience.

Like a wedding: something old, something new.

The Bohemian decor creates an atmosphere that is relaxed and fun to hang out and get creative in, while the technology underpinning the whole affair is world class and state of the art.

Studio Acoustics

Owing to the original log construction and cloud diffraction, the properties of the live control room make for a unique recording environment that is simply one of a kind – “lively” without being “bright”.


The sounds captured here stand out.

Main Monitoring

Adam A77X, Yamaha HS8, nEar 05, Yorkville NX720P (sub)

End Listener Testing

Really expensive monitors are great if you're listening to music in here, but a mix isn't done unless you can make it sound good outside of the studio, which is why we have no less than 14 different pairs of speakers in the mixing room at any given time for testing mixes on, routed by a pair of ATON DLA6 audio routers.

Everything from legendary vintage HiFi’s to crappy thrift shop bookshelfs. Cerwin-Vega, Pioneer, Technics, Hitachi, Sansui, Celestion, Audiosphere Research, JVC, Samsung.

Some studios go to great expense to “simulate” consumer speakers.

We decided to build a wall out of them instead. It’s way cooler.

Custom Server

The nerve center handling all this creative power is a purpose-designed and custom-built server capable of realtime high-resolution multitrack recording with virtually limitless plugins and almost zero latency.

  • 9th gen Intel i9-9900k (16 threads)
  • 64GB of DDR4 RAM
  • 10TB of 7200RPM SATAIII project storage
  • OS/DAW/plugins all on two 1TB m.2 NAND drives
  • Intel 256GB SSD Project scratch drive

World-Class Hardware & Software

32 channel D/I, unlimited tracking, i9/64GB server, 800+ plugins



Shadybrook Studio is an officially approved recording and production facility by Creative BC for recipients of arts funding.

Artists who may qualify for production grants through CreativeBC’s various funding programs are encouraged to contact us to discuss how we can assist in securing support – as we have in the past!

Shadybrook Studio by Sudohuman Collective

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